23 de mar. de 2020

Why we'll live?

Open letter.
To the Harvesters, our intercessors, donors and volunteers, to the Brazilian Church, peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I pray that you are firm in the faith and kept under the mighty hand of the Lord.

As I write to you, the COVID-19 pandemic is advancing mercilessly. About this, I want to encourage you not to be intimidated. Do not be afraid of what the world fears and remember that Jesus Christ is the Lord. Fear leads many to error. Cowardice is called prudence; lack of faith is taken for science; hope is lost in powerful men; but we, if we are in Christ, must be discerning and remain unshakable.

About this, I proposed to our team the example of the apostle Paul when he marched to Jerusalem driven by the Holy Spirit, knowing that prisons and sufferings awaited him: “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace” Ac 20:24. Imitating Christ, Paul decided according to his mission. This establishes a biblical principle that I wish to follow, and I urge anyone who hears me to do the same.

To go or not to go, to do or not to do, to speak or not to speak ... while many try to make decisions by looking at the ugliness of the Coronavirus, we must make decisions with our eyes fixed on the divine mission and ministry entrusted to us. Our biblical mission is exclusively to communicate the Gospel. If the value of our life is determined by the fulfillment of this mission, we will have no doubt when making each decision in this eschatological scenario. That is why we focus on continuing to give God’s Word to every child, even in the present situation.

We want you to know that, as much as possible, we will remain alive and healthy so that our divine mission can be accomplished. I invite you to do the same. Our life will have no value if we do not fulfill God's will. Therefore, brothers, let us continue to live, pray, contribute and work together so that each child, adolescent and young person in each country of the world, receives a relevant presentation of the Gospel, even under the threat of COVID-19. If we do this, the Lord Jesus will be with us every day, giving us his strength until the end of time!

Yours to fulfill the divine mission,

José Bernardo

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