2 de abr. de 2017

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José Bernardo

“One of the most important skills necessary for the future is a high Cultural IQ.”
Rob Hoskins

My friend Rob Hoskins, a cultural anthropologist at heart, as he describes himself, wrote a valuable blog article which he entitled "Why It’s Critical to Increase Cultural IQ". He delivers what promises. It is clever and essential, particularly when we are talking on to reach every child and youth in the world with a relevant presentation of the Gospel. The article stands by itself, so you must read it. What I want to write about is my personal experiences in working on my cultural IQ.

First, I have paid attention to my beliefs. Besides have quoted Romans 15:7, a command for mutual acceptance, the strong and the weak, the Jew and the gentile, Rob Hoskins defined Cultural Intelligence as "...a love for diversity that allows you to quickly relate and effectively work across cultures", and returned to love once more when said that "While certain elements of a high Cultural IQ are innate, like an inquisitive personality, you can learn to love other cultures".

I find it very interesting because the word for love in Greek, 'agapao', means literally 'preference'. Also, the word often translated as 'hate' is a comparative term that means 'to love less'. You love when dare to prefer others culture, for instance. You hate others culture when chose to love them less than love your own. Therefore, I believe and teach that a sole verse is a full cross-cultural course: "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves..." Phil 2:3. A matter of choice, and if somebody is prepared to do it, he or she is prepared for a cross-cultural ministry.

For believing in valuing others above myself, I have looked for their culture. Language, for instance, not only learning words but the concept behind the meaning. Modern cinema, video and pop music, even not understanding a word, you’ll find me watching an Indian movie, a Thai or Chinese short video, and listening to Arabian and Jewish music. I’m often pinning African and Japanese pictures, or taking time to visit and photograph different building styles when it is possible. When traveling, I will sit mesmerized, attentively observing body language and other communication signs. Also, not will stop me to try different clothes or food and walk among people when it is possible. Aesthetics comes full of information that expand our personal horizons; it is powerful source of information, knowledge and wisdom.

I have firmly insisted with my team on following my footsteps, I ask the same thing to leaders to whom I have access. My pages on social networks and my blog are full of ideas, pictures, movies, songs and poetry from all over the world, I include cultural elements in my speeches, courses, books, drawings. I want to see the development of cultural intelligence around me, because I am convinced that it is a fundamental principle of missions.
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