5 de fev. de 2014

The present

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To my brothers in Christ, those who have accompanied me in the vision that I received and walked the journey I have undertaken to help the Brazilian Church to fulfill its biblical mission to evangelize the world: joy and peace in the Lord.

Then, on March 14th, I will complete fifty years of life. I thought about which present I would like to receive and decided not be content with little this time, after all it's not always that I celebrate half a century of existence. Among all the good and useful things I could think of, the most valuable and desirable, I wish to receive more fifty missionaries to cooperate with me in the evangelistic mobilization of the Brazilian Church.

Would be fifty youth and young adults, so they could continue producing the fruit that God wants, even after I am gone from here. Missionaries, not only for the spaces, but also for the times.

Would be 50 leaders dedicated to preaching and teaching to accomplish the work of God through other people. Multiplying, this way, in people that they would motivate, train, supply and follow, they would make a far greater work than acting alone.

People who would have a vision to reach children, adolescents and youth, ensuring the solidity and continuity of the Church of Christ through the generations, until Christ returns.

Men and women who would be servants of the Word of God, filled with a holy desire and awe by the Scriptures. People who would read the Bible to practice and teach others with words of life.

Holies to the Lord, who seek purity yet, to be useful vessels for the good work of God, loving the Church that Christ loves and zealous serving in the Spirit to present it as spotless bride.

I know I'm asking a lot, but I also know that with God nothing is impossible. So pray with me. This is the prayer that the Lord of the Harvest wants to hear.

Yours for God’s word, every child,

José Bernardo

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